This is a page to remember (and make fun) of the history of

Cheeto with short blonde hair. Blade with blonde hair and wearing red. A very, very buff OJ. The innocent look will fool everybody. The original staff.

Old staff picture. It looks like Blade has a friggin' afro. Cheeto with hat. Mr. Roussollini not in a death scene. Staff in black suits and sunglasses. 5inall Staff, Christmas Style!

What Roussollini wanted to do to OJ. Blade with his newer attire. A not so buff OJ. Cheeto with longer hair and sunglasses. Action!

Casual Friday. Wooden swords are just friggin' sweet! The Hulk-like OJ. That is just a sweet drawing. "Cheeto, watch out for Cheeto!"

We are battle ready! I love that bike. Big! Reborn. He makes a good ass-assin.

The Tears of Blood Gets the crap beaten out of him and still smiles. I don the black shirt. Say "Hello" to John The big guy looks so sad.

So cute! It's my sword. The ladies love him. He's looking at YOU! Me with a random girl in the background.

Do you really need a shotgun AND a sword? He looks REALLY pissed. Big sword, little sword. Wood sword, scythe sword.

Blade and Blade Dance. Anger fist. Pimp! Striking Blade

Cheeto sans coat. Suited Soldier Very Pissed! Pure Evil Right Here. My Favorite Drawing

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