Title: I Hate Old Fucking Black Women

I cant stand it when they drive thirty-fucking-eight in a 55. To make matters worse when there is a chance to pass they swerve into the middle of the road so you cant. What the fuck is up with that. Even worse is that now I am mad and a mad Roussollini is a dangerous Roussollini. So I get all up on her ass and then she slows to 35. Now I am pissed and she is lucky I don't ram my car into her blind old ass. When I get the chance to pass again she decides to drag race me up to oncoming traffic. She gets an eyeful of my middle finger as I drive by going 65 and then she slows back down to repeat the process with the guy who was stuck behind me. Again, this is happening in LAPEER!!!!! There can only be like 7 black people in Lapeer and I get stuck behind the one mother-fucking cunt who wants to drive 20 under the speed limit. Yeah, I HATE old black women.

Mr. R.