Fucking Dumbass Bitches In Checkout Lines

Yeah you heard me! It may seem that i am only out to bash on women right now, but this is totally not the case. It just so happens that i was in line today and the two most fucking retarded women ever were in line in front of me. Unfortunately one of them was the Retard-of-the-Month Cashier. I have never seen two people struggle so hard to ring up coupons before. Jesus H. Christ!!!!! Here's the setup: Woman walks up with 6 glade candles and wants to use 3 double coupons for buy one get one free. Simple right? WRONG! She then proceeds to hand the cashier 6 coupons for $1.50 off of each. Can you see the problem here? I sure can. One coupon per item you dumb bitch. These two rocket scientists didn't know that. The cashier proceeded to continue to try and ring up these other coupons for like 5 minutes. Then she voided out the order and did it again. WHAT THE FUCK!?! I would have changed lanes at this point but the other two lanes also had intelligence-impaired people at them doing things like "what price is that again?" then "Oh i don't want it then" and "i could have sworn it was this price" and my personal favorite "Duh.......oh yeah i am at the checkout and should get my fucking cash out." Needless to say when you walk up to a line where someone is handing the cashier coupons you expect it to be your turn rather quickly. Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, They had rung up everything again and then were like "What's wrong? Why won't it work? lets get a manager." Manager comes up and says "You can only use one coupon per item." Cashier says ok, and so does the customer. So it gets voided out one coupon and item at a time once again and it gets wrung up and you think it's cool. WELL OF COURSE NOT! DUMB ASS BLONDE BITCH WHIPS OUT ANOTHER COUPON AND WANTS TO USE IT AGAIN ON THE SAME FUCKING CANDLES AND THE CASHIER TRIES IT. SHE THEN SAYS "Why won't it take this one?" SHE VOIDS THE ORDER AGAIN AND STARTS OVER!!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THESE TWO???? The customer is like "Why can't I use this coupon on one of the free ones I have?" Cashier is once again dumbfounded and looks lost. Obviously it is because it wasn't purchased. It is free and so there is no money to use a coupon on you fucking dumbass bitch. Finally the cashier just told her a total and sent her on her way. ABOUT FUCKING TIME!!!!!! Three other lanes had to be opened because of this fucking incident. I honestly don't know how these two get dressed in the morning. They must have help because once they see a hole in the shirt they wouldn't know what to put in it. THIS IS WHY I HATE DUMBASS FUCKING BITCHES IN CHECKOUT LINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. R.