Here are my people that should eat shit and die:

Halle Berry: She's a whore. The only reason she is in a movie at all is because she blows the director. She can't even play a role without being over half naked (See any movie with her in it other than X-Men). She is only in X-Men because they needed a black woman to play Storm and she fucked the director. How else can you explain the so-called "acting" she gave out in that movie? Again, WHORE.

Drew Barrymore: Her best movie is E.T. Yes, the movie she did when she was only eight or something like that. The only reason she is around still, and she shouldn't be, is because of the friends she has made and who continue to give her roles out of pity.

Paris Hilton: Finally she is out of the public eye with the reemergence of Britney Spears. Could there be a better example of a he/she? A nine year old boy looks more feminine than she does. The only reason she is in the news is because she is a filthy, filthy whore and shows her snatch to anyone who has eyes. WHORE!!! Just go away.

Tom Cruise: Dude, shut up. No one cares what you have to say anymore. Your time in the spotlight in the 80's is over. Just stay in your houses and play with Katie Holmes, the woman whom you brainwashed.

Octomom: WTF!!! Just because you have eight kids does not mean you are a celebrity. Shut the fuck up and go away. You are already stealing and abusing peoples tax dollars with you fucking mansion that you don't even deserve. No one cares what you have to say that has an IQ better than a box of rocks, so shut up, take your money you earned for being a slut, and go away.

Seth Rogan: Dude, you're not funny. People laugh at your "jokes" and movies you are in where other people star because you make them feel uncomfortable. Oh, and stop laughing!!!! It sounds like gravel in a blender or some such other thing that is the worst sound in the world. No, No, shut your mouth. You might actually laugh on accident and make me want to deafen myself.

Steven Seagal: I'm struggling here to find a person who has made more shitty movies in their career than you and can only think of franchises such as National Lampoon: everything after vegas vacation. Congrats on making the world dumber by knowing you and lowering all movie standards in general to allow such movies as Batman and Robin, House of the Dead, and Monkeybone to be created.

Writers of Heroes: WHAT THE FUCK is going in your collective heads? Did you all suffer brain damage after writing the first one? I don't think even you guys can figure out what the hell you want to do with this show even now after 3 seasons. You kill off Elle, the only one with any sex appeal on the show, bring back Ali fucking Larter, not as herself but as some new character for no reason other than to do it, and then you essentially get rid of all flight, kill Nathan off, make Hiro a douchebag who Ando needs to kill ASAP, and make Peter suck. Oh, and WHERE THE HELL is Peter's girlfriend from Cord, Ireland? They are now in the year where she got left. Bring her back. Or you guys can continue to write a show that makes no sense and will die next year. Go ahead, I dare you to put me out of my misery and stop this horrible show.

"Comedian" Kathy Griffin: Shut the fuck up! You're not funny and need to just go away. You're past your prime and stole your 15 minutes of fame in the 90's from Brooke Shields. The world would be better if you stopped talking in your extremely annoying voice and went to some remote cave somewhere and were eaten by a bear.

Subway $5 Footlong: Jesus Christ! Could you have a more annoying jingle??!?!?!?!!? At least the Quiznos $5 torpedo is funny because an oven seduces the cook in the back. How about your next jingle be: "Butter. Butter. Butter on my bre--ad." Hahaha I'm hilarious. I like butter on my bread. Or you could even have it be: "$5. $5. $5 i suck your cock." I mean seriously. This commercial screams prostitution and "Oh look, I'm retarded and have this stupid fucking sentence stuck in my head." FUCK!