The Gang

Our Mission:

To make a web site worth visiting and make the best comics we can!


Around March of 2001, I, Cheeto Bandito, decided to start making a web site. I found GeoCities and started my site. At first its URL was For a year, the URL was many different things, each time getting shorter. During that time, I joined with my friends, OJ and Blade for the new parts. On May 7, 2003, the domain changed to 5inall.Com, which stands today. About that time, my cousins helped me with various parts of the site. During the Fall of '05, I used some of the techniques I had picked up and started drawing the comic characters, which completely changed the face of 5inall Adventures. The current staff in now five people strong, finally causing the title of the site to make some sense. Now I try to stay focused on comics for this site and run an empire over various other web sites.

The People who work here:

Name: Cheeto "DK" Bandito


Age: 22

Master Of: Everything you see before you.

Likes: My laptop, my wireless (fast) internet, my sleep, my food and women.

Dislikes: Slow internet, waking up, thinking, mid-afternoons, slow drivers, and stop signs... o yeah, and work.

Short Bio: While Cheeto is the driving force behind the web site, he is also one of the most un-motivated humans to grace this Earth. He also has a hard time with priorities; he'll draw when he has homework to do, do homework 30 minutes before class, and do nothing when there is nothing else to do.

Cheeto Bandito

Name: Blade Arrowney

Age: Older than Cheeto, younger than John

Master Of: Computers and Video Games and finding cool sh*t on the internet and video games

Likes: Video games, 8-bit theater, heavy metal music

Dislikes: Anything pop, people that think they are cool but aren't, failing things, not finding what I want, and dying in a video game

Short Bio: Blade is too smart for his own good. When not making Cheeto look like a idiot on a computer, he is probably playing with his 20,000 computers that could easily become sentient at any time and take over the world.

Blade Arrowney

Name: OJ

Age: 21

Master Of: Putting an orange ball in a basket

Likes: My girlfriend, sleep, food, sports, and church

Dislikes: People who don't care, cheese, all foreign languages, and buses

Short Bio: OJ is a very tall, very strong man. Enough said.


Name: Mr. Roussollini

Age: 25

Master Of: Video games (Mainly Head Shots) and annoying people

Likes: Avril Lavigne, Mega Man (The Originals), Gambit, Batman, Stabbing Things, and Big Sticks

Dislikes: Ass holes, things that aren't sharp, and people who think they can drive but can't.

Short Bio: Roussollini is the only man who is probably more crazy than Cheeto. He can easily survive an entire week without any sleep and function almost identical as when he has slept.

Mr. Roussollini

Name: John Korosu

Age: Classified

Master Of: Long Range Marksmanship and Close Quarter Combat.

Likes: Guns, ammo, explosions, knives, and driving tanks over Iraqi trucks.

Dislikes: IED's! Also, Sgt. Gomex and sand.

Short Bio: John is a soldier through and through. Because of his training, he could easily kill any member of our group with a popsicle stick. This, however, won't stop a drunk Cheeto from trying to fight him.

John Korosu

See past pictures in Staff Archives.


Name: Princess

Age: 18

Master Of: Procrastinating.

Likes: Talking online.

Dislikes: Her brother, spiders, doing work for the site.

Short Bio: She is almost as lazy as Cheeto, but half as smart.